Graduates Voices

Dr. Kevin HUNG

Graduate of MPH (Part-Time) Student

Original Job: VSO Tanzania volunteer: Emergency Physician

Current Job: HKJCDPRI Director


"I graduated from CUHK MPH course in 2009. One of the best thing about MPH at CUHK is the variety of courses that are on offer, and the variety of faculties you can meet. CUHK has a great international network and can provide you with immense opportunities locally and aboard. Many of the MPH students will learn much about the needs in the society, the roles that they might wish to play in the future and take their path from there. Prof Emily Chan has been my mentor throughout the course and beyond, and the close collaborations between CCOUC with different local and international NGOs has proven invaluable for my personal and career development."

MS. Fiona Lo

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) Student

Current Job: Scientific Officer (Medical), Department of Health


"With a background in biomedical sciences, I have always enjoyed studying human health and diseases. The MPH programme at CUHK has broadened my vision on health from molecular level to population level. It provided me a solid training in epidemiology and biostatistics which equipped me with vital skillsets in public health research, project management and evaluation. Throughout the programme, I met dedicated faculty members as well as diverse students which allowed me to rapidly develop soft skills on communication, strategic planning and negotiation. Extensive courseworks risen my ability on how to critically appraise scientific evidences and deliver the key messages. The MPH programme is demanding yet very rewarding. I graduated with confidence to be a professional public health practitioner, and now working at the government allows me to transfer my knowledge into practices. Act now, empower yourself and make a difference to the future! "

Mr. Sida Liu

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) Student

Current Job: Research Assistant, P/T PhD Student


“Coming to Hong Kong and joining the MPH program was a life-changing decision for me. The course provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills as well as a good understanding of various regional and international public health issues. There is a broad range of elective for me to build my own career pathway. I therefore had a good exposure of field training in rural China to practice what I have learnt in the lecture. Having my MPH qualification, I’m now pursuing my PhD degree in public health and skill in epidemiology and biostatistics has given me exactly what I needed as a stepping stone. Most importantly, It was also a memorable experience that I have learnt so much from experts and friends around world with different background throughout the program and I believe it is a life-long treasure to my future career. "

Ms. Yiwen HUANG

Graduate of MPH (Full-time)

Current Job: Research Officer, Communicable Diseases Health Service Delivery (COMDIS-HSD) research programme consortium, Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development, University of Leeds


“The MPH program has helped me lay a solid foundation in the concepts and general knowledge of public health. Through all the required and elective courses, I became familiar with the various disciplines within this field. Before I started this program, my knowledge on public health was only limited to basic epidemiology and statistics. After the one year of full time study, I have learned that public health was not simply equal to epidemiology; instead, it was a multi-disciplinary field that combined knowledge from biological, socio-economics, statistics, and political field. The most amazing part of public health was that for each discipline, research design is based on the methods I studied from the epidemiology and biostatistics courses. In addition, the capstone project not only taught me on how to conduct a real-life public health research, but I have also learned a lot of background knowledge regarding the specific topic during this process, which might give me some inspirations for further research on this same topic."

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