Graduates Voices

Ms. Eva LAM

Graduate of MPH

Current Job: Senior Health Coordinator, International and Relief Service, Hong Kong Red Cross


“With the MPH qualification, I successfully moved my career from a frontline pharmacist to a public health coordinator and was able to handle various global health projects. The course provided us with top quality academic staff, updated course materials, strong practicality and many professors are public health leaders from Hong Kong and overseas countries. Without the MPH, I would have never been able to gain such a meaningful task in my career with the required public health perspectives.”

Ms. Ashley HERMES

Graduate of MPH (Full-time)

Current Job: Student of Occupational Therapy, Washington University in St. Louis, USA


At the SPHPC I was able to establish a strong foundation in public health that has expanded my horizons and encouraged me to be ambitious with future research and career endeavors. Learning about public health issues and solutions from leaders in the field that have been instrumental in developing and implementing important health promotion interventions of our time was a priceless experience and will continue to benefit my personal development as a allied health professional. I am so honored to be an alumnus from the SPHPC and to have the opportunity to represent the great work that is going on in Hong Kong as I continue to pursue further education and a career in the U.S and abroad.

Mr. Marcus NG

Graduate of MPH (Full-time)

Current Job: Scientific Officer, Department of Health


“The MPH at the CUHK has served me well in bridging my passion to contemplate and apply acquired knowledge into actionable solutions to achieve optimal outcome without compromising rationality and ethics. I have gained perspectives in identifying the social determinants of health inequality which often translate into loopholes in the socio-political and legal systems that fail to secure the quality healthcare for the population. Having worked as a hospital administrator and a scientific officer, I understand that no public health policies can be made in a vacuum. In other words, sound scientific evidence coupled with well-grounded rule of law is bedrock of attaining societal health.”

Ms. Christy Law

Graduate of MPH (Part-time)

Current Job: Registered Nurse, Private Practiceeeds


“I pursued the MPH with an interest to gain perspective of public health issues around us and prepare myself for future career development. It expanded my horizons and provided chances to meet a lot of public health care professional in different sectors. The course is demanding but promising that I learnt more in global health issue and real life issues related to public health. If you are looking for new impacts in your life and career, take this challenge now."

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