Population & Global Health

Mission & Objectives


Global public health is of growing prominence. Large-scale migration, international trade agreements, urbanization, climate change, international human rights and new integrated forms of global cyber-media all play key roles in determining the health of low and middle countries. The need to address the health impacts of disaster, to providing humanitarian aid, and the pervasive health inequalities that persist between high and low-income populations have never been greater. This concentration will allow students to examine these areas and gain familiarity with major contemporary global health issues. The concentration is multidisciplinary, integrating biomedical science, economics, ethics sociology, demography and policy perspectives. Students will have the opportunities to put their skills learned in practice through international field studies and field action lab in areas such as rural China, Bangladesh and Bali. Graduates of this concentration often gain employment in international non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross or work for international development organizations.

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