Courses Offered in 2016-2017

General Public Health Courses

An introductory course for all students to provide an overview on the history, basic concepts and current issues in the field of public health. Students will gain a broad understanding of how public health issues can be framed in the three interrelated domains of health protection, health improvement, and health services. This foundation course will equip students with an analytic lens that is essential for more advanced learning in each of the domains.

This course examines the role of law as a tool for public health both within Hong Kong at international level.

This course is a basic introduction to the human body for public health students without a bio-medical background. It is geared towards students with an undergraduate degree in social sciences, arts and physical sciences. It will introduce the overview of basic scientific mechanisms, concepts and principles in health and in the pathogenesis of disease. It provides clinical scientific foundation for applications to the practice of public health. Professionals in the clinical health field such as physicians, nurses, dentists and allied health specialists will not be permitted to take this course for credit.

The tutorial sessions are designed as a supplement to the coursework and to provide some hands-on skills for future public health employment. The tutorials also serve as opportunities to discuss MPH projects and review materials from core modules as needed. * This module is open to full-time students ONLY.

Each student is required to develop and complete an individual project of a public health problem, under the direction of a supervisor in their chosen concentrations. The topic of each project should be relevant to the concentration selected. Students will be assigned a supervisor and are required to do presentations and to submit a final written report. * This module is mandatory for graduation.

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