List of Courses Offered


OENV5001                              Environmental Health Sciences
(Compulsory MPH Course)   2 units


Students should be able to describe epidemiology & toxicology methods used to assess the impact of environmental exposures on human health; identify and define the steps in the risk-assessment and risk management; explain how factors, such as risk perception, law and socioeconomic condition, may influence the practice of environmental health; define the major sources and types of hazards in the environment and workplaces; describe the direct and indirect health effects of major environmental and occupational agents; describe general principles of environmental pollution mitigation and occupational hazard control; describe regulatory programs guidelines & authorities on environmental health.

OENV5002                             Lecture series in Occupational Health Foundation

                                                 3 units

A basic course for students intending to study in any discipline of occupational health sciences. Basic principles in the practice of occupational health and hygiene will be introduced. Other topics include applied toxicology, physical hazards, chemical hazards, biological hazards, ergonomics and occupational psychology.

(Pre-requisite: OENV5001)

OENV5006                              Air Pollution

                                                  2 units

This course introduces the current state of knowledge in the key areas in which air pollutants impact on the health of the general population. Topics include the health impacts of gaseous air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone; mechanism of lung injury by airborne particulate matter; epidemiological evidence of the risk from particulate matter exposure; airborne chemical carcinogens; health effects of indoor air pollution; and setting health-based air quality standards.


(Pre-requisite: OENV5001)

OENV5008                              Water & Health
                                                  2 units

This a 2-credit course for graduate students. This course gives a brief introduction to water, environment and health.

OENV5009                              Public Health Toxicology
                                                  2 units


This course teaches students the basics of basic concepts of toxicology and its application to environmental, occupational, nutrition and food toxicology; discuss distribution, cellular penetration, metabolic conversion, and elimination of toxic agents, as well as the fundamental laws governing the interaction of foreign chemicals with biological systems; focus on the application of these concepts to the understanding the result from environmental exposure to toxic substances through a case study format.

(Students are required to have good knowledge on biology and health or have taken PBHT5005 Basic Human Physiology).

OENV5010                               Environmental Risk Assessment

                                                   2 units

This course provides students with an understanding of the role and scope of health risk assessment, the application of toxicology, epidemiology, exposure assessment and environmental monitoring in risk assessment, risk characterization and risk management.


(Pre-requisite: OENV5001).

OENV5011                              Environmental Risk Management & Communication

                                                  2 units

This course builds upon the principles taught in OENV 5010 (Environmental Risk Assessment). The course gives students basic knowledge of the frameworks used for risk reduction and the protection of human health from chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic hazards. Students will be exposed to environmental risk communication frameworks and practical guidance on report writing for stakeholders and for future policy formulation.

(Pre-requisite: OENV5001 and OENV5010)

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