How many intakes do you offer each year for Master of Public Health (MPH) /Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health (PgDPH)? When do the courses start?

The MPH and PgDPH have one intake of students per academic year, usually commencing in mid-August. Candidates should start their applications around October every year for the next year's intake.

If I don’t have all the required supporting documents, can I still go ahead and submit an application?

We encourage applicants to submit an application first while they are still preparing necessary documents. You are advised to submit the application via the online portal of the CUHK Graduate School website along with scanned copies of all your academic documents.

However, you are required to send us the original supporting documents before any admission result is released. Please send us all the documents no later than one month after submitting your online application.

Those who have not yet taken the English test should indicate their scheduled test dates on their application forms.

Do I need a visa for full-time study? What does the visa application procedure involve?

Yes, international students need to apply for our programme to be eligible for an entry visa to study in Hong Kong. The entire student visa application process usually takes up to 8 weeks to process. Once you are admitted into CUHK, the CUHK Graduate School will send you an admission package which includes instructions for visa application. Students are required to provide all necessary documents to Graduate School Office (GSO) of CUHK by end of May. Others, you would be risking delay of your visa application.

Do I need to specify my preferred concentration in my application?

Yes. When you submit your application, please also state which of the five concentrations you want to study in:-

  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics [biomedical or science background required]
  • Environmental and Occupational Health & Infectious Disease
  • Population and Global Health
  • Health Systems, Policy and Management
  • Health Promotion and Social Behaviour
The decision is subject to the Programme Admissions Committees’ advice on areas including but not limited to: your academic background, work experience, future career goals, personal interest as well as interview performance.

Do I need to be a medical doctor before studying MPH?

No. We welcome applicants from a variety of academic disciplines including both medical and non-medical background, from anywhere around the world.

Is there any entry requirement on the previous academic degree?

Yes. Applicants shall fulfill any of the below three requirements -

  • Graduated from a recognised university and obtained a Bachelor's degree, normally with honours not lower than Second Class; or
  • Graduated from an honours programme of a recognised university with a Bachelor's degree, normally achieving an average grade of not lower than "B" ; or
  • Completed a course of study in a tertiary educational institution and obtained professional or similar qualifications equivalent to an honours degree.

Can I apply for PhD studies after graduating from the MPH Programme?

Yes. However, there is NO articulated MPH-MPhil/PhD study here in CUHK, and the application for either MPhil or PhD studies in CUHK are extremely competitive. In the past, we had a few MPH graduates who were successfully admitted to our PhD Programme. However, we do not provide any guarantee for future application of other studies.

Student Life in CUHK

Approximately how much will I need to live in Hong Kong for a year?

The Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) requires a financial proof at least HK$200,000 for a full-time student to apply for the student visa.

What are accommodation arrangements like? Will there be a dormitory available for me on CUHK's campus?

We regret that campus housing is not available for students studying MPH.


Can I claim course exemptions for my previous studies?

Majority of the admitted students are required to submit an exemption request once they enroll as CUHK students after gaining access to the CUHK Student Information System (CUSIS). It usually happens in August-September each year. Please refer to below links for more information.

Exemptions for INFD5001 Infectious Diseases in Public Health Practice

Students who have a degree in medicine, pharmacy, nursing or have completed a full course in microbiology would be exempted from INFD5001. You may apply for exemption in July after you have accepted your offer. New students will be notified of the exemption procedure in July.

CUHK graduates

If you are CUHK graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Community Health Practice (BScCHPR) Programme, the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BScPH) Programme or the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health (PgDPH) Programme, you may be exempted from selected courses during the admission stage.

Students should note that:

  • For all taught postgraduate programmes, the total number of units exempted may not exceed half of the required number;

  • Courses exempted under this policy will not count in GPA calculations and will appear on transcripts only as the total number of units recognised as equivalent;

  • The application is subject to the decision of the division concerned and the Graduate School.

1) CUHK undergraduates - BScCHPR/ BScPH (BSc-MPH Run-through scheme)

Courses which may be exempted:

PBHT5000, EPID5001, BIOS5001, HPSB5001, INFD5001, OENV5001, HSYS5003, PBHT5001


  • A maximum of 12 units may be exempted, provided that the grade requirement of the respective course is met.

  • Within 3 years of obtaining the degree

2) CUHK PgDPH graduates

Courses which may be exempted:

PBHT5000, EPID5001, BIOS5001, HSYS5001, OENV5001, INFD5001, HPSB5001


  • “B-” or above should be achieved for the respective course.

  • Within 6 years of obtaining the degree

Do I need to pay extra tuition fee if I exceed the requirement number of credits to be fulfilled?

Students are allowed to enroll up to 37.5 units with the same tuition fee of the academic year.

Is it possible to extend the length of my study?

We normally do not encourage students to extend their length of study. However, we do offer extensions for students who cannot complete the program within the defined timeframe upon review of each individual case. Please contact the programme office for further discussion regarding your study plan.

Are there any unique characteristics of the MPH Programme?

Yes. The MPH programme follows an internationally well-developed education and training approaches. The curriculum is benchmarked against UK and US professional public health standards. It is well-established and organised around an integrated combination of medicine, science, sociology and all other disciplines related to health and society. Our MPH programme benefits students in terms of the provision of a comprehensive knowledge on sociology, epidemiology, behavioural science, biostatistics, environmental health, healthcare policy, family medicine and other topics related to health as well as its impact on the entire society.

Financial Aid

Is the program fee paid in a lump sum or installments?

A successful applicant who accepts an offer from the programme is required to pay a non-refundable deposit, which will be offset against the outstanding programme fee. The remainder of the programme fee will be paid in installments at the beginning of each academic year. Please click HERE for more information on Tuition Fee.

Are there any scholarships or financial assistance offered to full-time students?

Please click HERE for more information on Scholarship & Financial Aid.

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