Student Exchange Programme

Our programme provides students with hands-on field opportunities in various parts of the world such as Southeast Asia, Mainland China, South Asia and Europe.

Partner Institutes

As one of the most prestigious universities in Asia, the School concerns both local and world-wide public health development.  The School is well-known for its extensive international links. Since the School was built in 2001, it has worked to establish collaborations with different international organisations. In the past few years, closer links have been established with more than 90 well-known universities/institutions in 19 different countries. Links with mainland China are of particular importance and many staff members have extensive collaborations with universities and other organisations in the mainland.



  • Anhui Medical University
  • Beijing Medical University
  • Bureau of Health of Shanghai Municipality
  • Bureau of Health of Shenzhen Municipality
  • Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
  • China Capital Medical University
  • China CDC National Centre for STD/AIDS Prevention & Control
  • Chong Qing Medical University
  • Chong Qing Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention
  • Fudan University
  • Guangzhou Medical University
  • Hunan Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
  • International AIDS Alliance
  • Institute of Psychology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Jiangsu University
  • Kunming Medical University
  • National Research Institute for Family Planning
  • Peking University
  • Shanghai Municipal Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Shantou University
  • Shenzhen Centre for Chronic Disease Control and Prevention
  • Shenzhen Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Shenzhen Donghu Hospital
  • Shenzhen Hospital for the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases
  • Sichuan University
  • Sichuan Institute of Nationality Studies
  • Sun Yat-Sen University
  • Zhejiang University


  • Association of Ukraine Family Medicine, Ukraine
  • Boston University, US
  • Cambodia University of Health Services, Cambodia
  • Cambridge University, UK
  • Cardiff University, UK
  • Columbia University, US
  • Georgetown University, US
  • Harvard University, US
  • Indiana University, US
  • John Hopkins University, US
  • Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan
  • Korea University Medical College, Seoul, Korea
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, US
  • National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research, Australia
  • National Institutes of Health, US
  • National Institutes of Health Research, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Oxford University, UK
  • RMIT University, Australia
  • Royal Colleges of Physicians of United Kingdom, UK
  • Tulane University, US
  • University of Aberdeen, UK
  • University of California, Berkeley, US
  • University of Edinburgh, UK
  • University of Glasgow, UK
  • University of Groningen, The Netherlands
  • University of London, UK
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Simon Fraser, Canada
  • University of Sydney, Australia
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US