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Alumni Voice

Andy CHONG.jpg

Mr Andy C. Y. CHONG

Graduate of PgDPH (Part-Time)
Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing,

Tung Wah College

"As a statistician and academic in health research, I always investigate the linkage between data and health perspectives. The PgDPH programme at CUHK provided me with a holistic foundation of public health knowledge. Meeting with professors from multiple disciplines in JCSPHPC also broadened my horizons in diverse health aspects. To expand my research interest in behavioural health and digital epidemiology, I pursued the MPH study after graduating from PgDPH. This fruitful learning experience benefits my career path, research development, and further study."

Photo_Edmond TANG.jpg

Mr. Edmond W. L. Tang

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

"The past year as a full-time MPH student was challenging yet interesting, with sweat and diligence, care and love, all the memories are unforgettable. The CUHK MPH programme has provided me holistic training and education on different health knowledge. The curriculum is very comprehensive that enhanced my research skills, clinical knowledge, as well as the importance of health promotion from a primary prevention level. Most importantly, I am really grateful the MPH allows me to meet a lot of new friends and respectable professors, their support, teaching and guidance truly enlightened me. Also, the school has provided students with different support to facilitate our learning."

Photo_TING Cheuk Wun Felix.jpg

Mr. Felix Cheuk Wun TING

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

PhD Student in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Registered Pharmacist in Hong Kong

"Pharmacists can play a proactive role in public health and primary care. After studying in the MPH program at CUHK, I have expanded my mindset to analyze health issues with a more comprehensive and holistic approach. Understanding the influences of various determinants of health is critical to more effective services and policies at an upstream level in the health system. On top of my background in pharmacy, public health is an interdisciplinary subject which further fosters my research interest in Social and Administrative Pharmacy."

Zhou Conan.jpg

Mr. Conan ZHOU

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

Founder, Healstar Investment

"SPHPC is a wonderful family. Teachers here are not only proficient but also enthusiasm and helpful. The meaning of studying MPH for me is more than degree itself. I valued the opportunities to discuss and brainstorm at class with classmates and professor. A culture bridge is already built which could connect me with all teachers, staffs and alumnis from CUHK. I am looking forward to meeting 'CUHKers' again in future lives."

Aditi Sharma.jpg

Ms. Aditi SHARMA

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

Founder and CEO, Careiot Limited

"I enrolled on Full time Mater of public health course in the department of health systems, policy and management in year 2020. What impressed me at first was the entire curriculum. JC SPH taught me that public health is not only about health services but rather encompasses the social determinants of health: education, economics, laws, culture, environment and so on. The subjects I took during this course added more wide coverage of knowledge in the field of public health. Such holistic perspective for health helped prepare me for the next phase of my career. Special thanks to the guidance of first-class professors and the kind support of my fellows, my learning and experience was great!"

Photo_Wong Way Hang Jonathan.jpg

Mr. Jonathan WONG

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

Further study: Medicine (CUHK) 

"The curriculum of CUHK MPH programme doubtlessly provided me a structural and comprehensive training in the field of public health. The programme has inculcated me with fundamental knowledge in various local and global health issues and has prepared me with practical skills that can be applied in the areas of epidemiology, biostatistics and infectious diseases throughout my current study of medicine."


Mr. Ravdeep SETHI

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

Regional Medical Advisor, Amgen Asia 

"I was grateful to have gone through this MPH programme with wonderful professors. They taught me a lot and actually made me realise a number of things and made me grow as a person. I was inspired by the sheer dedication of the experts in different fields and I wanted to do exactly that. My experience at CUHK will be a major influence in my career path."


Ms. Karen C. W. JAP

Graduate of MPH (Part-Time) 

Registered Nurse in Medical and Geriatrics

"As a clinical nurse working frontline in the public sector, I realize that health promotion among the society is of utmost importance in disease prevention. The Master of Public Health (MPH) Program of JCSPHPC offers a wide variety of courses in different concentrations in connection with the public health sector. This program has deepened my understanding in identifying and analyzing the public health issues which is beneficial to my career in the public health sector."


Dr. Sunny Kin-sun TSE

Graduate of PgDPH (Part-Time) 

Associate Consultant, Department of Radiology and Imaging, Queen Elizabeth Hospital

"The Master of Public Health (MPH) Programme offered by JCSPHPC is certainly a versatile course which suits anyone in quest of knowledge and skills for the betterment of public health. The programme offered me a unique opportunity to meet students with diverse nationalities, to learn from internationally renowned scholars, to broaden horizons in understanding public health challenges globally through inspiring lectures, as well as to build indispensable networks for future collaboration."

Alpin Wang.jpg

Dr. Pin WANG

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 


Postdoctoral Associate, Yale School of Public Health, Yale University

"Thanks to MPH courses, I was successfully equipped with fundamental knowledge about public health at the JCSPHPC. Switching from another profession, I felt public health exclusively attractive simply due to the philosophy that we make the people around the world live better. With an expanded vision and a more integrated way of thinking, I was prepared to pursue a PhD degree in public health and dedicate myself to the development of human health in Hong Kong and abroad."


Ms. Iris CHAN

Graduate of MPH (Full-time) 

Public Health Officer Programme, Vancouver, Canada

“Coming into the school with a biological science background, the MPH program has encouraged me to look at healthcare with a more upstream and multifaceted approach. It sparked my interest particularly in environmental health. My foundation for conducting health education and research is strengthened through the completion of my practicum project, which assessed air pollution in the community that resides near Hong Kong’s sea port. I am grateful that such experience helping me in my career as an environmental health officer. I will surely take this experience with me in my future endeavors."


Ms. Julia LEUNG

Graduate of MPH (Part-time)

Registered Nurse, Department of Health

“Studying MPH in CUHK is a memorable experience of my life! MPH is a highly demanding and challenging but the most stimulating and rewarding program that I have ever attended. Thought-provoking lectures allow me to develop critical appraisal mindset. Numerous interactive class discussions provide chances to obtain opinions from different classmates with various professions, nationalities and age groups. The breadth of different modules offers me to understand the full spectrum of public health issues. Though hard in completing MPH program, I believe no pain then no gain! Keep on fighting for pursuing my own interests on public health and aiming at a higher qualification which MPH can finally help shed light on my career and can extend my professional network."


Ms. Crystal YJ ZHU

Graduate of MPH (Part-time)

Registered Nurse, Department of Health

“Studying MPH in CUHK is a memorable experience of my life! MPH is a highly demanding and challenging but the most stimulating and rewarding program that I have ever attended. Thought-provoking lectures allow me to develop critical appraisal mindset. Numerous interactive class discussions provide chances to obtain opinions from different classmates with various professions, nationalities and age groups. The breadth of different modules offers me to understand the full spectrum of public health issues. Though hard in completing MPH program, I believe no pain then no gain! Keep on fighting for pursuing my own interests on public health and aiming at a higher qualification which MPH can finally help shed light on my career and can extend my professional network."


Dr. Louise XU

Graduate of MPH (Full-time)

Business Development Senior Manager, Town Health International Holdings Co. Ltd.

“changing from a clinical doctor to a public health person and from Beijing to Hong Kong are two biggest challenges. I did it successfully with the help of SPHPC. It broadened my visions, excited my spirits and made me wiser in career. SPHPC is a wonderful platform. I have made many kind friends and learnt much from them. With the MPH, I have been employed in a satisfied position and reward. It’s a great improvement for my life and my career life.”

Steven LAM Yin Faat.jpg

Mr. Steven Yin Faat LAM

Graduate of PgDPH (Part-Time) 

Registered nurse, Centre for Health Protection

"As a Public Health Nurse, I had the privilege of studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health program at the CUHK. The program provided me with a strong foundation in public health theory and practice, which I was able to build upon while pursuing my Master of Public Health degree at CUHK with the TPg fellowship from CUHK. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed and taught by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff who provided me with invaluable insights and skills that I continue to apply in my career. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in furthering their career in public health."

TAM Chi Wing, Victor.jpg

Mr. Victor Chi Wing TAM

Graduate of PgD PH & MPH (Part-Time) 

PhD candidate, Department of Health Technology and Informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Registered Radiation Therapist

"Switching from an allied health professional to a researcher can be challenging. The PgDPH program provided essential training on Public Health research methodology. I pursued the MPH program years after graduating from the PgDPH, aiming to explore current global public health issues. The program not only provides insights into emerging public health threats around the globe but providing valuable experience in conducting public health research. The MPH capstone project was the most challenging yet rewarding component. I have gained invaluable experience in the whole research process, which inspired me to pursue my future academic career in public health."

YE Zhiqiang.jpg

Mr. Zhiqiang YE

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

Senior Analyst, BGI

"Thanks to the CUHK MPH programme for offering me a great platform to refine my expertise and research skills in public health from a global perspective, which made me more confident to pursue my future career in the medical field. During this challenging and interesting year, I not only enhanced my academic foundation, but also met many well-trained professors and interesting friends. This journey was one of the best decisions in my life."

Tim Sumerlin.png


Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 


"I really value my experience completing an MPH at CUHK. IT gave me the opportunity to get back into the world of public health after working in other fields following my bachelor degree. The MPH program helped me build a foundation in epidemiology and biostatistics which is currently giving me the tools to work on a PhD in Public Health now"

personal photo.jpg

Ms. Michelle TSANG

Graduate of MPH (Part-Time) 

Associate Consultant (Paediatrics) in the Hospital Authority

"The CUHK MPH programme provided me with a wonderful platform to learn from public health experts from various disciplines and meet students with diverse background. Joining this programme not only equipped me with all rounded public health knowledge but also helped me to build important network for future collaboration. It changed my perspective on healthcare from focusing on individual level to population level and certainly has great impact on my further professional development."


Dr. Kevin HUNG

Graduate of MPH (Part-Time) 


Former  VSO Tanzania volunteer: Emergency Physician

"I graduated from CUHK MPH course in 2009. One of the best thing about MPH at CUHK is the variety of courses that are on offer, and the variety of faculties you can meet. CUHK has a great international network and can provide you with immense opportunities locally and aboard. Many of the MPH students will learn much about the needs in the society, the roles that they might wish to play in the future and take their path from there. Prof Emily Chan has been my mentor throughout the course and beyond, and the close collaborations between CCOUC with different local and international NGOs has proven invaluable for my personal and career development."


Ms. Fiona LO

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

Scientific Officer (Medical), Department of Health

"With a background in biomedical sciences, I have always enjoyed studying human health and diseases. The MPH programme at CUHK has broadened my vision on health from molecular level to population level. It provided me a solid training in epidemiology and biostatistics which equipped me with vital skillsets in public health research, project management and evaluation. Throughout the programme, I met dedicated faculty members as well as diverse students which allowed me to rapidly develop soft skills on communication, strategic planning and negotiation. Extensive courseworks risen my ability on how to critically appraise scientific evidences and deliver the key messages. The MPH programme is demanding yet very rewarding. I graduated with confidence to be a professional public health practitioner, and now working at the government allows me to transfer my knowledge into practices. Act now, empower yourself and make a difference to the future! "


Mr. Sida LIU

Graduate of MPH (Full-Time) 

Director, GX Foundation

“Coming to Hong Kong and joining the MPH program was a life-changing decision for me. The course provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills as well as a good understanding of various regional and international public health issues. There is a broad range of elective for me to build my own career pathway. I therefore had a good exposure of field training in rural China to practice what I have learnt in the lecture. Having my MPH qualification, I’m now pursuing my PhD degree in public health and skill in epidemiology and biostatistics has given me exactly what I needed as a stepping stone. Most importantly, It was also a memorable experience that I have learnt so much from experts and friends around world with different background throughout the program and I believe it is a life-long treasure to my future career. "


Ms. Yiwen HUANG

Graduate of MPH (Full-time)

Research Officer, Communicable Diseases Health Service Delivery (COMDIS-HSD) research programme consortium, Nuffield Centre for International Health and Development, University of Leeds

“The MPH program has helped me lay a solid foundation in the concepts and general knowledge of public health. Through all the required and elective courses, I became familiar with the various disciplines within this field. Before I started this program, my knowledge on public health was only limited to basic epidemiology and statistics. After the one year of full time study, I have learned that public health was not simply equal to epidemiology; instead, it was a multi-disciplinary field that combined knowledge from biological, socio-economics, statistics, and political field. The most amazing part of public health was that for each discipline, research design is based on the methods I studied from the epidemiology and biostatistics courses. In addition, the capstone project not only taught me on how to conduct a real-life public health research, but I have also learned a lot of background knowledge regarding the specific topic during this process, which might give me some inspirations for further research on this same topic."


Ms. Eva LAM

Graduate of MPH

Senior Health Coordinator, International and Relief Service, Hong Kong Red Cross

“With the MPH qualification, I successfully moved my career from a frontline pharmacist to a public health coordinator and was able to handle various global health projects. The course provided us with top quality academic staff, updated course materials, strong practicality and many professors are public health leaders from Hong Kong and overseas countries. Without the MPH, I would have never been able to gain such a meaningful task in my career with the required public health perspectives.”


Ms. Ashley HERMES

Graduate of MPH (Full-time)

Student of Occupational Therapy, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

"At the SPHPC I was able to establish a strong foundation in public health that has expanded my horizons and encouraged me to be ambitious with future research and career endeavors. Learning about public health issues and solutions from leaders in the field that have been instrumental in developing and implementing important health promotion interventions of our time was a priceless experience and will continue to benefit my personal development as a allied health professional. I am so honored to be an alumnus from the SPHPC and to have the opportunity to represent the great work that is going on in Hong Kong as I continue to pursue further education and a career in the U.S and abroad."

Mr. Marcus NG

Graduate of MPH (Full-time)

Scientific Officer, Department of Health

“The MPH at the CUHK has served me well in bridging my passion to contemplate and apply acquired knowledge into actionable solutions to achieve optimal outcome without compromising rationality and ethics. I have gained perspectives in identifying the social determinants of health inequality which often translate into loopholes in the socio-political and legal systems that fail to secure the quality healthcare for the population. Having worked as a hospital administrator and a scientific officer, I understand that no public health policies can be made in a vacuum. In other words, sound scientific evidence coupled with well-grounded rule of law is bedrock of attaining societal health.”

Ms. Christy LAW

Graduate of MPH (Part-time)

Registered Nurse, Private Practiceeeds

“I pursued the MPH with an interest to gain perspective of public health issues around us and prepare myself for future career development. It expanded my horizons and provided chances to meet a lot of public health care professional in different sectors. The course is demanding but promising that I learnt more in global health issue and real life issues related to public health. If you are looking for new impacts in your life and career, take this challenge now."

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