Bridging Community Gaps for Improved Healthcare Access: Mr Dhiraj Gurung

Mr Dhiraj Gurung (MPH Part-time - Population & Global Health, Class of 2013) recognises that achieving optimal health is challenged by cultural hurdles across populations. Hence, instead of diagnosing diseases in clinics, he has been out prescribing health literacy through education. Currently Connector-in-Chief of Health Connection, a social enterprise he co-founded, he is breaking language and cultural barriers between healthcare organisations and Ethnic Minorities (EMs) in Hong Kong.

Photo: Dhiraj Gurung

The educator is no stranger to working with people and “connecting” them with useful knowledge. While training as a medical doctor in Tianjin Medical University, he would join volunteer programmes, one of which was a trip to his hometown Nepal where he helped doctors in rural mountains to use wireless telemedicine to connect with city doctors. “While there, I saw people getting sick and dying from very preventable diseases because they were not aware of basic things like proper hand-washing,” he said. “Since then, I would spend my free time teaching the children in the communities such basic practices.”

After graduating in 2009, Mr Gurung brought his passion in education to secondary school, where he taught health management and social care subjects to senior students and provided support to non-Chinese heritage students. Here, he also met a colleague who encouraged him to pursue higher studies in public health.